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Heheh, Don't be shy to take a look around my Gallery. Promise you won't regret it~ vuv :heart:

-A bit of Yaoi e/u/e
- Random/Questionable Situations x'D

:icondontlikeplz::icondontlikeyplz: :dummy:


  • Reading: Erejearmin on AO3~
I'm crying right now....
Just.. Wooow......

Just as good as Clannad Afterstory QcQ
..:Lewkari:.. by xX-Kaii-Xx
-....Forever and Always....-

Wow...It's been literally a whole month, huh..?

Wow, I'm so stupid...

I've always hated how slow and late I am when it comes to finding things out. But this.. I just can't forgive myself for not knowing for so long....
And I know Tori's in a much better place now.. I just wanted to somehow express my appreciation for being able to get to know someone as funny and sweet as him. <33

:heart: R.I.P :iconnorwegianmagic1714: :heart:

I know you're missed ;;; 

  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: Bulletproof Love - Pierce the Veil
  • Reading: Eremin, Erejean, and/or Jearmin on AO3~
TRIP 1: Ocean Cityy~

Haha, I loved it!! The ride to and from weren't bad at all (only took about 3 hours n some change). The weather was just right for everything we had planned to do, and the beach was simply amazing~! I really enjoyed the view of the beach front and all the carnivals n such we went to~. I really hope to go again soon [for my parents have gotten a pretty good deal for later in the year.. eve] <33

Heheh, soo down to business:

I know, I know.. I haven't been posting much ^^;...
I've actually been practicing quite a lot on different things though, yet.. I'm just not very confident with the art style.. ono"
I also have soo many WIPs, it's not even funny.. And the way that it's looking, I probably won't even finish them anytime soon... qnq"
Though I do have a doodle pages that I'm kinda happy about, and I really hope to upload them soon! 

That is all~ vuv/
-:NOC:- Leiney the Red Panda~ by xX-Kaii-Xx
-:NOC:- Leiney the Red Panda~
Name: Leiney 
Nickname(s): Lei, Nini, Lei-Lei

Species: Red Panda

Gender: Male (Femboy)

Age: 17

B-Day: July 3

Reserved, thoughtful, kindhearted, smart, can be a bit promiscuous and manipulative 

Sexuality: Homosexual (uke)
[Ex] Crush: MyEarMuffinPanda's Ashton
Relationship: Taken by X-SuGaR-Sweetfox-X's Sira <33

BG:  [N/A]

can get jealous easily, low self-esteem/ insecure at times

Likes: climbing things, guys flirting with him, being helpful 
Dislikes: Being unnoticed [by senpaii e3e //shott], Being mistaken for a female, swimming

Close Friends: Kadyn
Woahh x'D by xX-Kaii-Xx
Woahh x'D
Look at what else I found~~ eve
im seriously confused on how I made this LAST (my freshman) year l'D..

.. I really like this, omgg *^* <33


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Name Poem by Wishafriend
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Kailyn (Kaii)/Kk |15|06-09-99

Heyy, everyone~ vuv
It's Kaii here! Thanks for stopping by~ >w< :heart:

_~I'm just a random girl who loves music, games, art and creativity! ^^ My mind is very intricate and indecisive at times, so please excuse my randomness (for there is no end to it here xD). I am a fan of MANY THINGS and love to talk to anyone who is willing to put up with me, really x'D.. I hope you enjoyed visiting mai page and please~ don't be afraid to take a look through my gallery ^^ <333~_

Random things About me xD
-I love the color Yellow ouo
-I lovee shipping my OCs with otherss >u< <33
-I'm an RP addict~ vuv
-I am obsessed with candy~~ eve
-I forget things very easily lD"

.:~Places you can find mee~:.



- _xxkaiixx_

- xxc-hxx
- kknbunnys
Smule Sing! (App):

- k_ateyes323

OLD Account~

Adopt Account~

Epic ppl i know in RL~

=-:iconspooky1524: :iconkawaiisuperhuman: :iconzekro321:
:iconsabletigers: :iconcammie111: :iconneaneabear: :iconchvckles:
:iconmillionwords: :iconchamaelleon: :iconmapletale::iconxxnecrofantasiaxx:-=


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Armin Arlelt by Dayeer-kun :heart: Annie Leonhardt by Dayeer-kun
Mikasa by Dayeer-kun :heart: Jeans Kirschtein by Dayeer-kun

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